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LIEGEKONZERT® by Focus in Music

The two talented Austrian musicians Johannes Kronegger & Joachim Grübler will support our first evening with high vibrating music and sounds.
FOCUS IN MUSIC by Klangquelle

"Focus in Music" is an invitation to fully arrive in the moment through the power of music.

Liegekonzert® is a setting where the audience is ment to lay down while diving into the bath of various instruments and sounds. And yes, you are completely free to follow your impulses - whether that means nestling down in your own cozy spot, joining others, or even exploring movement while sitting or standing.

Each of the instruments Johannes and Joachim are playing, brings a unique sonic effect that enriches the overall experience.
Their music arises from mindful observation of the energy in the space. Meditative sounds and driving rhythms from Johannes' diverse array of instruments blend seamlessly with freely flowing melodic lines and expressive sound patterns from Joachim's wind instruments.

The Liegekonzert® will take place on Thursday evening. After the first welcome waves at Euphorica you are invited to dive deep into this world of sound.

We've curated this concert with the intention of
- Supporting our bodies to fully arrive at the festival and ground themselves in the present moment
- Opening our hearts to receive the blessings of our shared journey
- Cleansing our minds of what we left behind
- Gently preparing our souls to receive all the gifts that await you.
- Initiating a deep connection to our spirits within these days

Together, let's surrender to the magic of this unique musical experience. We are truly looking forward to sharing this journey - within the journey - with you. 


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